Panel Discussions in This Series:

Refresh helps people build better financial reputation — especially those who might not be treated well elsewhere. Refresh provides programs that help people to build credit safely.
The Changing Face of Checkout
 This panel will highlight ways to develop a successful relationship with next-gen shoppers at checkout, including GenX and Millennials. Takeaways include: • Key insights on GenX and Millennial shopping behavior • How to mitigate abandonment at checkout • Strategies to optimize checkout leveraging modern financing methods. Featuring: • Gary Schwartz, President of the Canadian Lenders Association  • Chris Faught, VP of Omnichannel at Affirm  • Lindy Crea, Head of U.S. Partnerships at Klarna
B2B Acquisition Strategies
We discuss innovative strategies to reduce customer acquisition cost with Sales Directors from Linkedin and Thinking Capital as well as the CEOs of Econolease and Lending Loop.
Kevin Clark, Chair of the CLA and President and Co-Founder of Lendified speaks about why is it so valuable for Canada to become a innovative lending leader. Spanning over 30 years in domestic and international banking, Kevin has developed extensive business development and leadership skills from these experiences in delivering financial solutions across all customer segments across multiple markets. 
Credit Invisibility
1 in 3 Canadians may be credit invisible, according to PERC Canada.  Michael Turner, President of Policy and Economic Research Council Canada debuted groundbreaking research on credit invisibility and credit deserts at the Canadian Lenders Association's Credit Invisibility Summit in Toronto.   
Ali Pourdad, CEO of Progressa, discusses needed solutions for the credit invisible and underbanked in Canada. At Progressa, helps Canadians improve their financial future by providing a second chance at credit. Progressa reads between the lines to see the consumers' potential, and help build a loan. This means consolidating their outstanding debt, resolving overdue bills and getting the consumer back on track financially. 
Kabbage, a member of the Canadian Lenders Association talks about how data automation is driving lucrative partnerships with traditional financial institutions throughout the globe. Kabbage empowers small businesses through straightforward, flexible access to capital. Kabbage has extended more than $5 billion directly to small business owners and powered automated funding for other organizations all over the globe.  
Merchant Advance Capital
David Gens, founder of Merchant Advance Capital speaks about the challenges for an entrepreneur in Canada. David is an award-winning business leader who is passionate about helping Canadian small businesses grow and find the financing they need. David is the founder and CEO of Merchant Advance Capital, which grew from its humble beginnings in his apartment to offices in both Toronto and Vancouver. He now leads one of Canada's largest online small business finance companies.  
Deep Dive on Innovative Lending
Peter Misek of Framework Ventures and Michael King from the Ivey Business School keynoted the Canadian Lenders Summit this month in Toronto. They speak with Kevin Clark and Gary Schwartz about the state of the industry in Canada and how best we can advance business to catch up with more advanced markets.