How To Thinkwire

AJ and Tal, founders of Thinkwire chat about how to use it.

Hi Tal, so tell me what is Thinkwire?
Hey AJ, Thinkwire is an easy way to run interviews, debates, and roundtable discussions with select speakers.
So can anyone participate in a Thinkwire discussion?
Nope, you have to be invited to participate.
Just like in a real life panel discussion at a conference, only certain people get a microphone to speak on stage.
Cool! I just got invited to participate in a Thinkwire discussion via email. What do I do now?
You first need to accept the email invitation you got. It should look something like this.
Okay I accepted the email. Now it’s asking me to sign in using my LinkedIn. Why?
Good question. Thinkwire uses LinkedIn to verify the speakers.
Thinkwire is a professional discussion platform, and LinkedIn is a professional social network. That’s why they work well together.
Okay, I’ve accepted the email and signed in using my LinkedIn.
Now I’m in the Thinkwire discussion. I see my profile picture and name with a small green dot. Is that normal?
Yup! The green dot means that the speaker is live on the page right now!
Cool! So how do I participate?
If you’ve been invited to the panel, you’ll see a discussion box. Like this:
You can write up 280 characters of text per post, attach images, and even add links to videos and articles.
Is there a way to get notified when someone posts in the discussion?
Yes! The Moderator can notify speakers via email by toggling on the bell icon before you submit your message.
Wow! I just got invited to another Thinkwire discussion. Is there a place to see all of my panel discussions in one place?
You can see all of your discussions by clicking on My Panels in the dropdown in the top right corner.
My Panels looks something like this:
Amazing! Now how do I end this thing?
The organizer that invited you into the discussion will be in charge of starting up and ending it. All you have to do is participate!
Awesome! Thanks Tal.
Chat later!