Digital Content Clutter

How do you make your content discoverable against a backdrop of ever-increasing consumer choices and competition for attention? It’s a challenge faced by content creators and producers across the media sectors. Our panel discusses strategies for cutting through the digital clutter. What works? What doesn’t?

With the rise of central broadcasting we created national memes. Everyone watched the same Tony Bennett Show coast-to-coast. Then Turner disrupted this with custom cable channels and the Internet further disrupted this with unlimited content broadcasters.
With the rise of social media the noise is so loud, we seem to have lost our voice. As media becomes more fragmented, the idea of a content and content ownership has unquestionably changed substantially.
So here is the question for the panel. In digital media success is based on reach (visit or downloads) and frequency (repeat engagement). You can buy reach but how do you achieve frequency (loyalty, affinity)?
We achieve frequency and build community by answering as many comments as possible, within 24 hours. It takes hard work and determination. The payoff is an engaged community. See our Domestic Geek Youtube channel for an example.
Agreed. But now everyone including the “Domestic Geek” is a broadcaster. Who are the curators? Doesn’t is take too much work for the consumer to be part of an “engaged community”?
People find what they want through social. We have MCN’s now, that can help promote and you can do collaborations with like minded creators, but our experience has been that doing good work, that serves an audience is the best way to find, build, maintain an audience.
There are a few ways that book publishers work to engage communities where they are already investing their time. Rather than hoping an audience comes to us, we put ourselves there. The Goodreads platform is a good example of this.
At ECW we offer a free ebook as a means to build loyalty and collect customer info. Then, we engage those readers with exclusive offerings like bonus content and prizes. A key community building activity that circumvents gatekeepers to learn about (and sell to) our readers.
@erincc and @kitredmond it is interesting that you mention the Multi-Channel Network (MCN) and Goodreads respectively as intermediaries to help amplify your social outreach and maintain community. Are these the new social “declutterers”?
I would echo Kit’s earlier comment when it comes to music, that from a musician or a label perspective the way to build loyalty is really to regularly put high quality content out. Now it can be microcontent or elaborate content and the meaning of “quality” varies with context
The challenge is with TV and driving people from social to the tube! Still working on how to move the dial with ratings. In the end for a broadcast property, the networks still rely on ratings. We premiere two shows in the next seven days. Social will be crucial. Any advice?
We strive to become a digital meme or at least the more diminutive “share”. @kitredmond isn’t it an old world dichotomy to discuss omni-screen drivers? The real challenge is leveraging social while continuing monetizing the traditional channels that have “legacy” funding.
Amazing event this week with the OMDC, digital dialogue. Big thanks to #oncreates and to Gary for organizing and moderating our panel. Learned a ton, met great new contacts.
It was a great panel. Key take away is need for content “authenticity” to build audience. Another is the need for an “omnichannel” strategy which amplifies any content touchpoint.
Finally, the idea of moving away from being a music producer or video producer to the idea of running a business is key. With the middleman eliminated from much of the ecosystem we have the ability to think of content as a business platform. @kitredmond @canadianart1 @valeoprod