What To Expect From SummitLive 2018

SummitLive 2018 aims to redefine live streaming's place in business. Here's what you can expect from the content-focused live streaming conference.

Hey Kat! First off, why don’t you tell us a little about SummitLive? What is the event and how are you involved in making it happen?
Hey Maggie, it’s been a while since we collaborated like this! For those of you who don’t know— Maggie is Director of Marketing at AmpLive and I’m Director of Event Marketing, working on SummitLive.
SummitLive is the largest conference focused on live stream content and catered for professionals. At least in a nutshell.
Interesting... there seem to be a lot of live streaming conferences cropping up in recent years. What makes SummitLive different?
Actually, I did a breakdown of the other conferences in this space, but none of them are solely dedicated to live stream, and if they are, it’s about the tech, IT, and engineering behind live stream.
We made SummitLive to fill this market gap, and be the first and only conference dedicated purely for live stream and catered to marketing professionals.
Well, it totally depends on which SummitLive you attend. Each Summit is curated for a different industry. San Francisco is for B2B Tech, LA is Entertainment/Influencers, NY is for Media, and our roundup (best in live) is in Vegas!
Sounds interesting! Who can we look forward to hearing speak at the event?
There’s tons of speakers. SF will feature all the leaders in live marketing for B2B tech, like Geoff Colon at Microsoft and Michael Rivos at Salesforce. LA will have speakers like Kym Nelson from Twitch and Tony Romero who produces Jimmy Kimmel Live!.
We have a LOT more though, and more in the pipeline too! Favorite our website summit.live for all the major updates.
How exciting! I noticed that your website is pretty heavily geared toward B2B enterprise marketers. As a marketer for a smaller, newer company, will there be much relevant content for me?
While our event is definitely geared to enterprise companies who are comfortable with live, startups can skip a few steps (the messy parts!), and discover real strategies + results. Networking with the leaders of the live industry is a major bonus, too.
Yeah, it’s definitely important. So, what should people do if they want to get tickets or sponsor the event?
They can reach out to me directly at kat@amp.live and grab their tickets on Eventbrite. We still have Super Early Bird tickets for San Francisco on MAY 30th!
Sounds great! I hope to see you there. Before we finish, is there anything else you’d like to share?
I wanted to thank you Maggie, and also can’t wait to meet you all at SummitLive!