Kevin Clark, Chair of the CLA and President and Co-Founder of Lendified speaks about why is it so valuable for Canada to become a innovative lending leader.

Spanning over 30 years in domestic and international banking, Kevin has developed extensive business development and leadership skills from these experiences in delivering financial solutions across all customer segments across multiple markets.

As chair of the Canadian Lenders Association, why is it so valuable for Canada to become a leader in innovative lending and are we winning?
Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy and each needs capital throughout its life-cycle to be successful. Technology is transforming the way business owners access capital and through further innovation we can help create more jobs, value, and grow the overall economy.
Whether we’re winning or not is difficult to tell. We are winning in the sense that more and more businesses are getting the capital they need, but compared to other areas of the globe such as Europe and the US, we have a lot of progress to make.
What do you think Canada can do to emerge as a global leader in innovative lending?
Increased access to capital is critical and I think there are good private and public programs emerging that can contribute to the effort. We’re hearing from thought leaders on this topic on October 26th at Canadian Lenders Summit.
There are a number of core issues that need to be addressed via the Canadian Lenders Association regarding the lending activities taking place in Canada. Inclusion by all lenders is critical.
Examples include a need for transparency and disclosure of costs, governance standards and/or self regulation in the financial technology space, and collaboration to best serve the small business customer.
As chair, I intend to push these issues forward and help create solutions to drive the progress of our industry.
We are proudly playing a leading role in terms of lending and technology. Lendified has delivered millions in capital to businesses across Canada and we are working with partners who are leveraging our technology to improve the access to capital and overall lending experience.
Who will win - banks or smaller innovative lenders like Lendified?
There’s a real win/win opportunity here for players of all sizes to work compatibly in this fast changing financial services marketplace – no doubt about it! For us, it isn’t about market share, it is about building exceptional products and services.
Thanks Kevin @KevinClarkPres and good luck with the CANADIAN LENDERS SUMMIT tomorrow. #Lendified