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Don Ginsel discusses how to support the Global FinTech Ecosystem?

Holland FinTech is a private organisation, founded by Don Ginsel in 2014 in Amsterdam, Holland. Holland FinTech believe having access to innovative financial services and FinTech can empower people and organisations, to be able to understand, control and improve their economic circumstances. Holland FinTech currently connect over 320 member companies from across Europe to our Fintech knowledge base and our Fintech network (over 20.000 people) that spans the globe, so creating a marketplace for financial solutions.More

Start by discussing how the Caribbean can support its Fintech Ecosystem?
FinTech is taking over the financial services industry. New entrants are disrupting traditional financial services, from wealth management to making simple payments.
Tomorrow I would like give you some insights into Fintech developments, but also to discuss finance and technology from the human perspective.
It is most of the time not technology that is blocking advancement, the most resistance is drawn up by ourselves. Once you are able to open up your self-inflicted inabilities, anything becomes possible.
Looking forward to your views on this!
From your experience with the Fintech ecosystem what are these barriers, resistances? Often companies are not asking the correct questions, servicing the wrong needs in the market.
The barriers are often vested interests. On individual level, on organisational level and on societal level. If the perspective of future gains by accepting or spurring the change are less than the perceived risk of accepting the change, there will be no will to change...
Would you say that many fintech are disrupting in the SHORT TERM providing flexible risk profile and innovative UX design, etc. However, the BIGGER change is on it way via Blockchain etc. Are all the fintech disruptors about to be disrupted?
Blockchain is a way (database technology) of solving customers’ problems, not a solution. Technology+regulations drive new customer solutions that, at large adoption, disrupt the status quo. Blockchain is not the internet... It’s more like the DNS server...
Ahh ... that maybe the case but this DNS service is not controlled by any central authority - without the need for the trusted intermediary (bank, broker, agent, lawyer, enforcement) don’t the table stakes change for Fintech biz and incumbent FIs?
Without a central agent, the question always is: who is making the money in the end, so there is an incentive to build it... That’s about business economics, and won’t be solved by blockchain.
That is true. However, fintechs that begin to build Dapps (Distributed Apps) that leverage smart contracts will start to outgun incumbents. Look at MOGO’s announcement on Blockchain integration and how the market positively viewed this. Think of this on steroids with Dapps.
If the brokers are eliminated, the Dapp developers will still me motivated to service the blockchain. Isn’t it simply another industrial revolution with certain players being disintermediated? This is especially the case with the underbanked?
people always try to make sense of these changes on meta level, because we are not smart enough to see it at it’s full granularity. However, the game is played and won on micro level, not meta... That’s just for consultants...
Great insight to end on are we move into 2018 fintech players need to view the marketplace at a micro level, not get swept up in meta trends. Don, we look forward to speaking with you again soon.
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