Valerie Vallenduuk & Startups

(Co-)Founder of several concepts like (75 law offices as a client) and I also have an assignement (2017) for the Provincie Noord-Holland for three years see

When I was 21 years old I became a lawyer. Untill december 2015 I was Managing Director of an International Law Office specialised in Roadtransport. Because my great love for startups, innovation and entrepreneurship I decided in January 2016 to focus on the Present Your Startup foundation (founded in 2014) also known as Haarlemvalley and duplicated the Haarlemvalley concept in the whole of Noord-Holland and Flevoland. We were active in Haarlemmermeer, Zaanstreek, Almere, Hilversum and also Haarlem. We also organised two editions of trip to New York with startups & investors.More

What makes a startup successful? After years of working with founders what characteristics do you look for?
Persuasive Founders with experience in workingfield, passion for a purpose but also caring for profit.
People tend to look at success stories like Airbnb - from air mattress to global supper power. Sometime these case studies are hard to reverse engineer for a startup. What is your advice to someone at the beginning of the journey?
Start small but think bigger.. and hold on :-)
Gary as an investor what are you looking for in a founder or in a team ?
For me it is always anchored in the team. Ideas are important but execution and tenacity is 90% of the journey. I need a team that is can do. That understands their roles and works together seamlessly.
One person on the team needs to be able to articulate the vision from an investor perspective and from a consumer/client perspective. Without an articulate CEO, it becomes challenging.
And finally, I need a pay client upfront in the process or the team will tend to drink its own Kool-Aid and the product/service will vacillate. You need a pay client to own the product/service and shape the development. Or you are investing in rabbit holes.
Haha Rabbit holes :)
Avoiding rabbit holes is my key mission as an investor. Client validation, strong + passionate + articulate team. It is a formula.
I think we have the same vision :)
So, Valerie. Tell folk how to get in touch with you and Present Your Startup?