NHL playoff chat

Join Postmedia NHL reporter Michael Traikos and National Post columnist Scott Stinson for a discussion on the first round of the NHL playoffs.

Five-minute countdown to our NHL playoffs live chat with Scott Stinson and Michael Traikos. Tweet us some questions!
First question: So, how is everyone?
Enjoying morning baseball!
That’s nice.
Sun-splashed morning in Boston and in Toronto for that matter.
All right, let’s get started.
As the moderator here, I’ll throw out the first (real question):
What’s the one thing that has surprised you so far in the NHL playoffs?
The Ducks being down 0-2. I mean, two close games, but still would have expected them to win at least one at the Honda Center.
Nashville has been such a playoff underachiever, although playing in the West is a difficult proposition.
That said, I’ve written interminably about luck being a big factor in hockey, and so I can’t say i’m shocked that any results are super unexpected.
Hey everyone. The one thing I’ve been surprised about is the goaltending question marks in most of the series’. Injuries have played a part, but what’s going on in Detroit (again) is madness.
Question via twitte from @keithbaldrey: Well then: should there even be offside reviews?
It seemed somewhat obvious Detroit would need both goalies to go anywhere in the playoffs.
On offside reviews: I was firmly in the camp of: what’s the harm, why not get the calls right? Now I am firmly in the camp: GOD NO MAKE IT STOP.
Luongo worries me also.
Re offside reviews: If it takes a frame-by-frame review to determine if it was offside or not, then we’re trying way too hard.
The review in NYI-FLA last night was a perfect example of the rule’s flaws: Ekblad scores a goal in which no one on the broadcast — the MSG broadcast — even wondered if there was an offside.
Another question from @keithbaldrey: if Luongo is “exhausted” after three games, can he be effective with no rest?
It seems to be the general consensus that it’s gone too far. Will the NHL adjust next season? How can they?
I think the NHL has to tweak it somehow. But I think it’s a genie out of the bottle thing. If anything, more cameras are coming.
Offsides: I don’t know if there’s an easy fix. The idea of making it a ‘breaking the plane’ of the blueline would help, but it would still allow for ticky-tack challenges, slow the game, all that bad stuff.
The Red Wings were the first beneficiary in their Game 1. The offside had absolutely no bearing on the play. Tampa scored against shortly after, so it didn’t turn into a thing.
What else will the NHL apply cameras toward, Mike?
Capitals, Predators and Sharks all have 2-0 series leads: who has the best chance of winning the series?
The thing that stands out for me is that hockey moves fast, and doesn’t have as many natural breaks in play as football or baseball. So the stoppages really stand out, and not in a good way.
OK, we have two outstanding questions here: Luongo, who admitted he was tired after three games in four nights. And the 2-0 series leads.
Thank you, Guy, for trying to rein in the anarchy of this chat. On Luongo: that’s a giant problem consider it’s still the first round. How could he possibly hold up into June?
A two-day rest (Panthers don’t play again until Wednesday) should help Luongo, but Florida’s veteran lineup (44-year-old Jagr has no points in 3 games) is being tested for the first time in the playoffs.
I know I’m exhausted already.
It was a weird quirk of the sked for Fla-NYI to play back-to-back nights. I never did hear why.
On the 2-0 series leads: I like the Caps’ chances best, only because that series still feels like a mismatch.
Tonight in Philadelphia, the Flyers will honour late owner Ed Snider.
Do players really get emotional about the death of an owner? Will it REALLY be emotional in Phila. tonight?
Does Minnesota even have a chance? (is anyone even watching that series?)
Re: Snider, I doubt that will have an effect. But I’ve covered playoff games in Philly, and if anything gives the Flyers a boost, it will be the home crowd.
I feel like there are approximately one zillion examples of a game when Team A has an ‘emotional’ reason to play better but Team B wins. But I’m a cynic.
Do they have a tape of Kate Smith and Ed Snider singing the anthem together?
That would be something.
That would be magical.
Washington would seem to have the best chance to sweep.
I love the Kate Smith mash-up, but c’mon.
Yeah, the thing Philly really did not need was the terrible Steve Mason goal that kicked off a round of speculation about who would be in net.
To go back to your earlier question: Is Minnesota in the playoffs?
With the exception of Holtby, Lundqvist and Quick, who’s hold on the No. 1 job is secure?
I *think* Minnesota is playing Dallas, but I’ve seen no actual evidence of it.
Re: Minnesota, is it too late for Colorado to get in as a replacement?
Yes, it is too late.
We kid. We love you Minnesota. But you are this year’s Winnipeg Jets. Four and out.
Best series so far: Sharks-Kings?
More to that: Now that they are the loveable underdogs, how will the Sharks break their fans’ hearts?
By going up 3-0 and then losing.
Is Sharks-Kings your must-see series, Mike? The one you have to make sure you watch?
I THINK THEY MIGHT NOT. Break hearts, that is.
The only thing I don’t like about Sharks-Kings is that it’s on really late. We’re missing a must-see prime time series. I guess Red Wings-Lightning is that, but there’s not enough star appeal.
It’s quite enjoyable that Martin Jones is the guy killing the Kings. I feel like every GM secretly fears a backup goalie coming back to haunt them in the playoffs
This is the rare year where I think the 2nd round is going to eclipse the 1st round in terms of excitement.
Someday Bernier will oust the Kings in the final?
Yeah Scott, just wait for Bernier to hurt the Kings next year, right? Right?
And, yes, they should just move California to central time and deal with it. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.
As for the second round: Will anyone outside of Chicago and LA be sad if the Blackhawks and Kings are out after the first round?
Haha you both made a Bernier funny.
I’m ok with Los Angeles being out, but with the exception of Tarasenko, no one on the Blues really excites me.
Fresh teams in the West finals would be fine by me.
It would be odd for Chicago to have MVP and rookie of the year seasons from their players and fail to reach the second round.
Well, my pick for Norris didn’t even make the playoffs.
Back to Anaheim for a second: Boston has chosen to stick with Claude Julien. Anaheim’s Bruce Boudreau appears to be on the hottest seat down 2-0. How wise it is to change coaches for the sake of changing coaches?
I think of Ron Rivera in the NFL, who was nearly fired a couple of years ago and took his team to the Super Bowl last season.
I think Boudreau deserves some Coach of the Year love, so it would be nutty to can him after a playoff loss, especially when the games have been tight.
Dan Bylsma won a Cup with the Penguins and Darryl Sutter won a Cup with the Kings in the years that they were hired as coaching replacements.
If Boudreau is fired, Ottawa Senators fans are going to be really happy. Media will be even happier.
It was the same thing with Julien: teams just lining up, ready to hire him. Kind of suggests that maybe you have a good coach on your hands.
Certainly true of Alain Vigneault. Sometimes a coaching change is not the answer.
OK, let’s wrap it up so we can all get on with our days … One last question:
We had a fan poll just before the end of the regular season. One of the questions was: Which Canadian will be the next to win the Cup? What would your answer be?
Sometimes though, as Pittsburgh’s seen with Sullivan and San Jose’s seen with DeBoer, it can be a much-needed kick in the pants.
Canadian team to win the Cup: Winnipeg (2020)
The Quebec City Panthers, after they relocate in 2018.
Sassy answer from Stinson.
All right. Thanks for participating everyone. Enjoy the games tonight and in future rounds.
*Bows theatrically*