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Speaking to Cindy Taylor on new channels of investment. Cindy provides specialized sales & marketing expertise to media firms and financial organizations and heads up FintekNews is America’s first daily newsletter and website devoted to the fintech industry at large, and all the verticals that comprise the vast financial technology sector.

In 2018, we are seeing so many innovative Blockchain token offerings. While we are seeing more participation from the traditional investment community, may find the sector confusing. Can you point to one of two examples that traditional investors would understand. For example, tokens that leverage underlying assets off-chain.
We are very big fans of the RMG, the token that is a JV of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Royal Mint, which has gold underlying it. We believe there will be many more tokenized assets of this sort moving forward, and we feel those represent a safer investment for traditional investors, and one they can better understand, than currencies such as Ripple, Bitcoin, etc.
In 2017, $3.6 billion was raised as of Oct. 16 funding many companies that did not have solid business cases. A whitepaper and template website, and some high-profile advisors, alone do not make for a viable ICO.
Do you believe that traditional models such as a tokenization of off-chain assets is a safer bridge for investors to start cross and start dabbling in the crypto markets?
Is there a need for Blockchain-based mutual and hedge funds to help investors who do not have the time, skill and information to optimize their investments?
Yes, in my role as publisher of FintekNews, we are tasked with finding ways to help financial advisors understand crypto and ICOs in general. More specifically though, we want to help them find ways to responsibly invest in crypto for their clients. Personally, I believe that crypto-specific hedge funds and ETFs help bridge that gap. Also, advisors understand what an asset-backed token is, I believe that also comprises a viable, responsible way to invest in crypto for clients. So yes, you are speaking to the converted on that front.
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