AmpLive 2.0

For the past year, the AmpLive team has been hard at work collecting feedback, re-imagining and building a new platform with exciting features and insights that help marketers make better decisions for live events.

We chat with Maggie about their pathway to a new product and what to expect in 2018.

Hey Tal! Over the past couple years we’ve worked with inciteful clients that gave solid feedback and recommendations. Ultimately they inspired us to design a new version of our platform that’s easier to use and offers more useful features, like account-based distribution.
Cool! Can you tell us a bit more about account-based distribution?
Basically, clients wanted to put their live video in front of leaders in specific industries (some even had specific companies in mind). We realized that we could use our data to identify over 8000 companies! Now, all customers can reach target accounts with their live content.
What are you most excited about in this new version?
For me, the most exciting thing is the design. It was developed to maximize ease of use, so now it’ll be easier for users to boost events, retarget audiences, and view clear, comprehensive reports. I’m also clearly pretty jazzed about the account based distribution :)
Yes! We have a companion mobile app so customers can manage their boosts and keep track of their audience even if they aren’t at their desk. We wanted live event organizers to have access to audience reporting on the go, since they’re often running around making things happen.
When can we expect to see the new platform?
We’re actually giving free demos now (you can sign up here:, and we’ll be fully transitioned to the new platform on February 1st.
Congratulations to you and the AmpLive team! We’re excited to see how your platform accelerates new and veteran streamers in 2018.
Thanks Tal! So are we!